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Diablo 4 - Interviews @AusGamers

by Silver, 2019-12-10 21:01:13

A pair of interviews for Diablo 4 from AusGamers. The first deals with the return to darkness, Lilith, and the shift to an open-world sanctuary. The second discusses the technology behind sanctuary, making your character unique, trading, and PvP.

“Randomised dungeons have been at the core of Diablo since the beginning,” Luis tells me. “What we're doing different is that unlike Rifts where you go through a portal and it could be anything - dungeons in Diablo IV will have a sense of place in the world. Let's say that a dungeon is in an abandoned church and there's undead inside. If you go back in later, there's still going to be undead, but it's not going to be the same exact mobs in the same exact same locations. It's going to be very randomised.”

“What that lets us do is really create a sense of place where I know that particular abandoned church has skeletons,” Luis continues. “And maybe that one over there has bandits, and the one with the undead inside is a lot harder. So, if you have a quest that tasks you with recovering artefacts from churches maybe head into the dungeon with bandits. We think this approach is powerful for this type of game. We want to create a sense of place and over time you’ll understand the characters, the world, and the locations you visit.” 


This taste of what a World Boss encounter or large-scale multiplayer event might look like in Diablo IV was seamless in the demo, the camera pulling back to reveal a large imposing demon called Ashava. New players appearing, and a big battle then taking place. Even though the encounter was sped up considerably for the demo, it was a chance for all to see this new dynamic camera arriving as part of Diablo IV.

On the cinematic side of the equation, Diablo IV will feature several real-time cut-scenes where players will get to see their character and gear up close. From squirming through a tunnel passing the skeletal remains of past adventurers to potential action sequences and quiet character moments. This new approach to storytelling in Sanctuary led to another evolution in Diablo IV – detailed and extensive character customisation. On a pure visual level.


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