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Diablo 4 - Review Roundup

by Hiddenx, 2023-05-31 10:13:14

Couchpotato spotted some Diablo 4 reviews:

WCCFTech: Diablo IV Review - Great, Albeit Safe, Hack 'n' Slash Action
Diablo IV is almost here, and we've played a lot of it during ten days of hectic and very pleasing action on review servers for the press.

Videogamer: Our Diablo 4 review tackles the latest entry in the long-running series where you slay demons and earn better loot - but is it worth playing?

Videogameschronicle: Review: Diablo 4 is Blizzard back at its best | VGC
Blizzard exorcises the sins of Immortal with a stunning ARPG.

VG247: Diablo 4 review
Diablo is back with much of the same quality we've been pining for. But in a world with Path of Exile and other competitors, is Blizzard still the king of hell?

Shacknews: Diablo 4 review: A new perspective on a familiar hell
Our Diablo 4 review breaks down what makes the action-RPG from Blizzard stand out from its predecessors and where it really should have innovated

Rockpapershotgun: Diablo IV review: 2023's prettiest RSI machine
Diablo IV is a beautiful, frictionless grey toybox that puts nothing in the way of you playing it for hours and wondering what you've done with your life.

Polygon: Diablo 4 activates and frustrates my lizard brain
More busy work doesn’t lessen the series-signature appeal

PCGamesN: Diablo 4 review – Hail Lilith, the darkness has returned
Our Diablo 4 review has been a long time coming, so if you’re wondering if the excitement was worth it in the end - yes, yes it was.

Gamingtrend: Diablo IV Review -- Good to the last bloody drop
Diablo IV is a challenge to review. While its predecessors have been fairly straightforward affairs, with a linear story and builds that are more dependent on gear drops and loot tables, Diablo IV has a veritable cornucopia of options that are even more plentiful than I could have imagined...

Gamesradar: Diablo 4 review: "A magnificent and absurd loot theme park"
With nearly 100 hours on the clock, I fear I've barely scratched the surface of Diablo 4

Gamerant: Diablo 4 Review
Diablo 4 has used the lessons of its past to create a massive and enjoyable experience that fans and newcomers alike with be playing for a long time.

Gameinformer: Diablo IV – Review In Progress
Here's what we think of Diablo IV prior to its full launch.

Forbes: ‘Diablo 4’ Review: It Is Great, I Refuse To Make A Hell Pun
Diablo 4 has arrived. It feels like it has been worth the wait.

Dualshockers: Diablo 4 Review - A Bloody Good Time
A compelling story, a gritty world, and an addicting gameplay loop make this the strongest game in the Diablo series.

Digitaltrends: Diablo 4 review: a hell of a hack-n-slash RPG | Digital Trends
Diablo 4 is a glorious return to form for the Diablo series, though it comes with a few MMO concessions that may drag its experience down for some.

Destructoid: Review: Diablo 4
Diablo 4 is the newest entry in the legendary ARPG series. Find out if it lives up to its predecessors in our review.

Arstechnica: Diablo 4 review: Off to a hell of a good start
Annoying-but-ignorable microtransactions can't ruin nigh-endless looter fun.



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