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Diablo 4 - The Game has Problems

by Hiddenx, 2023-05-15 19:22:03

PC Gamer is not impressed by Diablo 4:

Class balance is still an absolute joke in Diablo 4—but the game has far bigger problems

I no longer care who needs buffs and nerfs—none of these classes are any fun to play.

It's fair to say that last time we got to play Diablo 4, during the two initial weekend betas, class balance was a complete mess. Sorcerers were nuking everything in sight while Barbarians struggled to lift their axes, and Necromancers were standing around AFK watching their skeletons clear entire dungeons for them. Blizzard quickly promised buffs and nerfs(opens in new tab), so heading into this final beta, the "Server Slam", I was most curious to see what those changes would amount to. The result? I'm left with even less confidence that Blizzard has any idea how to make this game fun. 

Barbarians, at least, felt a little stronger than they did before—it wasn't too back-breaking to beat the Den Mother(opens in new tab) this time around—but they're still substantially slower, weaker, and less versatile than anyone else. Sorcerers remain walking nukes that can kill enemies three screens away. Meanwhile, Necromancers got nerfed so haphazardly that they had to get rebuffed(opens in new tab) halfway through the beta test, because their skeleton minions were now dissolving in the presence of bosses and leaving them plinking away with pitiful ranged spells. 


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