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Drox Operative - Gamercast Interview

by Aries100, 2012-02-07 22:27:05

Steven Peeler from Soldak Entertainmen talked to Gamercast.  The result is an interview in which he tells us what we should expect from space-based combat, inclduing how the dynamic quest system functions, why there won't be any classes to pick from and much more. A sample:

GC: Can we ask how the space battles work?

SP: Battles are fairly quick conflicts fought in real-time, but are focused more on tactics rather than good reflexes. You decide where to pilot the ship and which weapons or other ship components to use and when. Targeting of enemies is fairly automatic, although you can control this when you want. The usable components are usually direct weapons like Fusion Beams and Neutronium Cannons, but can also be more indirect weapons like Fighters and Anti-Matter Mines, active defenses like Flares and Decoys, consumables like Nanite Repair and Energy Spikes, and special abilities like Stasis Fields and Tractor Beams. There are even doomsday devices like Grey Goo. Most of these use up your energy reserves though, so you have to be careful how fast you burn through it.

Source: GameBanshee

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