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Drox Operative - Interview, Doomsday Weapons

by Dhruin, 2012-02-24 21:07:10

Soldak's Steven Peeler has been interviewed at Gameshark on his space-y RPG, Drox Operative:

I read on your development blog that it's like Master of Orion from a mercenary captain's point of view with action-rpg mechanics. I think it's an interesting idea to have the player as a small part of a galactic war rather than in control of it. Is that still an accurate description of the setting? What made you choose this as a backdrop?

That description is still pretty accurate. You aren’t just some run of the mill mercenary any more though, you are an elite Operative. However, you are thrown into a conflict between alien races fighting for control of the local sector. That part is definitely still there.

I decided on this as the setting because I felt this would make the game fairly unique, I really like 4X strategy games like Master of Orion, and the idea works really well with the dynamic game systems we have developed for Depths of Peril and Din’s Curse. 

...and the official site has a blog entry on Doomsday Weapons, which sound cool:

I believe I have briefly mentioned Doomsday weapons before but they are so much fun I thought I would devote an entire blog post to them. So what is a Doomsday Weapon? Well it's basically a weapon so big and nasty that it really might be the end of the world. Luckily there is usually more than one inhabited world.

So how do they work? You use them just like any normal weapon, except they are completely uncontrollable once launched. They will do a massive amount of damage to anyone that is too close. That includes your enemies, your allies, and even your own ship. Everything in a Doomsday Weapon's path is going to be destroyed. You need to be really careful when you let one of these loose.

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