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Drox Operative - Reviews and Impressions

by Dhruin, 2012-12-14 23:23:49

Soldak sent us five links to Drox Operative reviews and impressions:

Here's a snip from Gamercast:

Drox Operative is a level based action-RPG based around systems, each system is made up of a variety of races that will trade, colonise, terraform and carry out anything that you yourself would in a complex strategy game, unfortunately these races aren't always peaceful to each other, and they'll even go so far as to actively declare war. These dynamic and evolving galaxies are without a doubt the most impressive and alluring qualities of Drox Operative, and one that makes this simple RPG a game that you should be playing.

...and ElcomeSoft:


Drox Operative is a game which I say draws inspiration from games like Space Rangers and Diablo, whilst introducing some 4X elements from classics such as Civilisation to form an enjoyable eclectic mix of gaming. The addition of leveling up, multiple race choices and the random universe generator all combine together with several other elements including the loot system to produce a game which possesses a great amount of replayability. 
Should you buy Drox Operative? For me, it's a Yes. I tried the Demo and I liked it. Immediately I felt a bit overwhelmed but guided gently by the tooltips and quickly settled in to enjoy a ride which I have missed sorely since completing Space Rangers 2 a number of years back. The real time element keeps things a bit sharper and more actiony and although the lack of story will put some people off, the wide variety of options available to the player when combined with the non-linearity of Drox Operative meld together very nicely.


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