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ELEX - Interview @ Ichbissak

by Hiddenx, 2015-09-15 11:31:26

One of best Elex interviews so far. Ichbissak asks Björn Pankratz about Elex and game elements from the Gothic and Risen series that will be reutilized.


(the interview is only available in German)

Some info:

  • at least 4 very different factions
  • combat more challenging than Risen 3, configurable with difficulty settings
  • swimming is in the game
  • Jet-pack is essential in the game, but limited
  • XP points and level-ups are back
  • many more important characters can die
  • Day/Night cycle very likely in the game
  • crafting/inventory visible in the gameworld (not on an extra screen)
  • much gameworld interaction
  • combat more direct
  • not an age 18 game, maybe 16 only (Gothic and Risen are free from 12 onwards)
  • PB has all rights for Gothic, and at the right time they will return to this series

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