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ELEX - Review @ Destructoid

by Hiddenx, 2017-10-20 20:38:59

Destructoid has reviewed ELEX:

ELEX Gon' Give It To Ya

Think of candidates for the platonic ideal of what you might call a “B-game,” or a “Cult game,” or any number of pop-cultural terms we have for a credible work whose flaws and foibles undermine its chances at wider success, and you’ll likely find a Piranha Bytes title somewhere on the shortlist.

Ironically, it actually takes wider recognition for cult status to feel genuinely earned, and despite nearly two decades of attempts, Piranha Bytes continues to stand in the long shadow cast by its more popular competitors. 

That brings us to the big question: Whether or not ELEX, their latest work, can bring them that recognition.


Less easy to get used to are the game's technical and performance issues. Playing on a base-model PS4, I noticed numerous framerate hitches (often in places that didn't seem especially busy) and drops, as well as major drops during some in-engine cutscenes. The interface and text also remain optimized for PC, forcing console players to move close to their TVs to read stats or item descriptions, as well as deal with a fairly bland, mainly text-based menu system to manage inventory and equipment. The AI is also on the less optimal side of dopey, with both enemies and companions frequently getting caught in scenery or standing stock still when they should be fighting.

All in all, though, the game remains an impressive, if flawed, effort. Toting an interesting setting and some standout design choices, ELEX goes farther than any previous Piranha Bytes game in making the case for sticking with it in pursuit of a certain old-school ideal of RPG gaming, even if it can come at a cost in polish and presentation.

Score: 7/10 Good

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