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ELEX - Review @ PC PC Aficionado

by Hiddenx, 2017-11-26 02:31:28

PC Aficionado checked out ELEX:

ELEX Review

From the developers of the classic PC-exclusive Gothic franchise, ELEX is a sci-fi open world RPG which was regarded as the “Skyrim-killer” prior to its release back in October. These claims were based mostly on the promise of a seamless open world that’s just as immersive as the cold Skyrim itself. In this post-apocalyptics setting, four factions fight for power, each being characterized by a core genre. Yes, a genre. Whereas other RPGs define their factions through core ideas, ELEX does so through genres such as fantasy and sci-fi.
For what it offers, ELEX is decently priced. This is hardly the “Skyrim-killer” people were talking about a year or so ago, but its world design and content distribution are entertaining enough to justify its price. Piranha Bytes fans might be rather pleased with this release and how difficult it is. Meanwhile, those who know of Gothic only by name might be a little disappointed if they’re looking for a Dragonborn alternative. With at least 10 hours where you have no idea what to do, ELEX is a tough sell for gamers used to regular RPGs with perfectly laid out plots and fluid mechanics. If you’re hesitant, remember to check on the Steam discussions the best ways to make significant progress as there are many threads on the subject. As long as you’re willing to overlook its problems and the fact it always feels as if it didn’t go through any sort of QA testing, ELEX can be rather fun with its choices and their consequences and its seamless open world.

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