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ELEX - The Cleric Faction

by Hiddenx, 2017-09-12 08:45:53

You can learn more about the Clerics of ELEX in the following trailer:

ELEX - Gameplay Trailer - The Cleric Faction


The site of the meteor’s impact, Ignadon is driven by constant volcanic activity. Thought to be devoid of life, Ignadon was the perfect hiding place for the Clerics to grow in power. Followers of the god Calaan, the Clerics see the consumption of Elex in any form as a sin. Instead they use Elex to power their machines. Guardians of Magalan’s technology, the Clerics put their faith in Calaan, plasma weapons, mechs and the power of industry. From the ashes shall rise a new Magalan even more advanced than before.

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SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release: Released