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Evoland 2 - Review @ WeGotThisCovered

by Hiddenx, 2015-08-30 17:26:13

Alex Brock (WeGotThisCovered) has reviewed Evoland 2:

Shiro Games’ catchily titled Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder features a story that not only traverses space and time but also almost every video game genre known to man. Everything from intense and frantic shoot ‘em ups to Professor Layton-style brainteasers are featured in this charming, unique and nostalgic indie RPG that explores the history of the medium.

Released in 2013, the first Evoland is a journey that retraced the history of one video game genre in particular – RPGs. As the game progressed, the setting evolved from a retro 2D landscape to one that was rendered in HD. Evoland was well-received by critics for its innovative concept and references to video game history but faced criticism for its lack of variety and short length. There were also concerns that its original concept of journeying through video game history had potential that was not fully realized.

Upon playing Evoland 2, it’s almost immediately clear that Shiro Games have taken this criticism on board for the sequel. The game presents an engaging and fairly complex plot that focuses on a party of characters as they are warped through time, with a devastating war between humans and demons as the backdrop. The past is portrayed through a retro appearance and soundtrack reminiscent of old 2D Legend of Zelda titles. The future, meanwhile, takes on a glorious and wonderful looking 3D cel-shaded art style.

Despite the more extensive narrative, the backstory and the main characters still feel a bit cliché – although, it can be argued this was done purposively to be reminiscent of old-school RPGs, such as Final Fantasy. The time travelling aspect is really well done, however, and the story features all the mind-bending confusion and complexity that messing with time entails. The ability to explore the world of Evoland 2 as it develops through time provides enough of an incentive to keep playing and ties in well with the title’s ambition to journey through the history of gaming. [...]

Score: 4/5 - Great

Evoland 2 is a creative and inventive success which improves on the first in every way and accomplishes its mission to explore the history of gaming.



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