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Fable: TLC - Looking Back @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2006-06-21 07:42:00
CVG has an interview come light post-mortem with Dene and Simon Carter from Big Blue Box on Fable: The Lost Chapters. Don't expect a hard-hitting examination of the game's successes and failures - this covers territory such as...
Simon: I think if you were to ask our artists, the bit they were most pleased they got away with was the topiary cocks.

Dene: If you were to hang around the guild in the northern part of Bowerstone, you'd have all these bushes which are very strangely phallically shaped, and we only realised this fairly close to the end. Basically, it was late and they were a bit pissed off that they were working late, so they decided to make things shaped out of penises.

Simon: Yeah, I think they're actually in the north part of Bowerstone. But if you asked them on another day, they'd just say that it was in fact a complete accident and there's nothing even remotely phallic about the shape of those bushes.

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