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Fable: TLC - Review @ GameApex

by Dhruin, 2006-08-11 22:45:00
GameApex has a glowing review of Fable: The Lost Chapters with a score of 9/10. Apparently the box blurb is really good:
After reading the premise on the box for Fable: The Lost Chapters, I knew that I absolutely HAD to get this game and play it. It's rare that I am truly excited enough about a game to come up with the cash to buy it at full price -- I prefer to wait for it to drop by 20-30% at least. But for Fable: TLC, I oiled the hinges on my pennybox and forked over the full price. Many things about the game description on the box influenced my decision - the fact that your countenance changes based on your alignment and (I didn't find out until later) your combat ability, extended quests and spells for the user to play with, people react to you based on what you've done in game. Was I disappointed with my purchase, or have I been happily putting entire towns to the sword in an orgy of death and destruction? Read on and find out.

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