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Fable Anniversary - A Failed PC Port

by Couchpotato, 2014-09-20 03:11:22

IN2GPU writer Radu Postolache calls Fable Anniversary "A Failed PC Port", and I have to say I agree with everything he has writing. Just read the Steam reviews.

So what conclusion should we make about Fable Anniversary? Fable is like a good story written in different kinds of books. Would you rather pay 32 Euros for the same story written in a new book whose pages will fall apart and would be very cumbersome to use, or would you pay 9 Euros for the classic, yellowed pages book that deliver the original experience which can hardly be improved. In my opinion, Anniversary is a bitter disappointment, at least for now. If you still haven’t played Lost Chapters, then you should get to it, because it’s still good. As for Anniversary, you can either wait for the big problems to be fixed, or play it on Xbox 360. It feels to me like Lionhead released Anniversary in a hurry and just didn’t care for us PC gamers, bringing to the market yet another cash grab.

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