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Fallout 76 - B.E.T.A Impressions

by Hiddenx, 2018-11-13 19:21:31

IndianNoob checked out the upcoming online survival RPG Fallout 76:

Fallout 76 B.E.T.A – Impressions

When a long-established series, whether it be video games or any other form of media moves in on a new direction, the target base gets divided into two groups. One group of purists who want the subject in question to stick to its roots while the other one is open to new pastures and ideas. Making everyone happy in such a situation is nigh-impossible. But as long as the final product ends up being enjoyable, the damage can be controlled to an extent. Fallout, one of the most prolific RPG series of all time has reached this conjecture with the announcement of Fallout 76, a significant departure from the series’ traditional story-driven RPG roots and focusing more on the social aspects of multiplayer. As one can imagine, the decision to turn the next game in the series into an online-only survival-RPG has split the fanbase into the aforementioned two groups. But, the question at hand is how good of a game is Fallout 76? Well,  the 15+ hours we spent in the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A should bring some closure into this million dollar question.


There are a lot more to be said about Fallout 76. *Cough* half-baked microtransactions *cough* But to keep this impression article rather short and on point, we’d much rather not get into it. Fallout 76 is priced at $60. Yet, it carries with it a plethora of issues and bad design decisions found in $15 Early Access survival games. Such a shame really, because underneath all the mess, there exists some reasonably good ideas and concepts well suited for an online Fallout experience. With just mere days before launch, the thought of most of these problems being fixed is thrown right out the window. We’re not just saying this out of frustration. Hell, I’ve been a fan of Fallout for nearly 20 years and the more you love something, the harder your criticisms will be. Call it tough love.

It’s easy to say that you can have fun with Fallout 76 when played together with a group of friends. But that is an entirely subjective opinion. Let’s face it; a couple of buddies make even the most terrible of films bearable. But the real question remains- Are you willing to pay $60 for such an experience?

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