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Fallout 76 - Review @ Gamespew

by Hiddenx, 2018-11-22 20:20:05

Gamespew thinks Fallout 76 is abysmal:

Fallout 76 Review

I never imagined that one of the worst games I’d play this year would be a Fallout game.

Fallout 76 is bad, and not even in a “it’s so bad it’s kinda good” way. There’s nothing I can say that’s fun or exciting about Fallout 76. In my time spent with the title, I’ve never been impressed with any element of it. It’s simply a disaster.

Confused and confusing, that’s what Fallout 76 is. Billed as the multiplayer Fallout game we’ve all been waiting for yet also completely playable by yourself, it fails to be fun or engaging no matter how you play. If you play on your own you’ll miss interacting with NPCs as you explore the world seeing as there are none, and when you do come across other players they’ll probably just irritate you. Often they’ll follow you around like lost puppies, wanting to share the horrid experiencing they’re having with another victim. Occasionally they’ll attack, hoping to engage you in combat so they can presumably steal your loot. If you don’t fight back, however, the damage they do to you is pretty negligible. If you simply run away, your attacker is likely to lose interest in their evil act.


Score: 2/10

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