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Flint - Treasure of Oblivion - Combat Mechanics

by Hiddenx, 2024-07-04 21:18:09

Learn more about the combat mechanics of Flint - Treasure of Oblivion:

How do the pirate battles play out in Flint

In Flint: Treasure of Oblivion, players follow the adventures of a pirate crew through phases of exploration, comic-style narration and epic clashes. Today, we will look at the ins and outs of the combat system with Johan Spielmann, Game Director at Savage Level!

Combat mechanics in Flint: Treasure of Oblivion

In their quest for riches that will take them all the way to Central America, Captain Flint and his companions will need to fend off many enemies. As a tactical RPG, Flint: Treasure of Oblivion features turn-based combat with an overhead view. Each crew member can perform two actions on their turn, or sometimes more if they drink a tonic for example.

Among the possible actions, there are movement and attack actions. Characters can move a certain number of squares (in Flint: Treasure of Oblivion, these “squares” are actually hexagons that offer a greater number of possible combinations). They can also rush at an enemy and knock them over, or trample them if they are already on the ground. They can even interact with objects in their environment, like barrels, which can be rolled into an enemy.

“The environment plays a big role in Flint: Treasure of Oblivion, and being in the right place can make a huge difference,” Johan commented. “Finding a way to descend on an enemy, or take them by surprise, can maximize damage inflicted. On the other hand, the environment can also be used against you; be careful not to fall from a height, or, even worse, into the ocean.”

In terms of attack actions, the characters can use a diverse range of weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses: daggers, swords, spears, pistols, muskets... Players can also use actions to reload a firearm or protect themselves against a subsequent attack. Their degree of success will be determined by dice-throws, ranging from a critical hit to breaking their weapon for the remainder of the battle!


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