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Gauntlet - Review Roundup #3

by Couchpotato, 2014-10-10 03:14:31

Here is the last round of reviews on the internet I will posting for Gauntlet this month.

IncGamers - 8/10

When I first started playing Gauntlet I was in two minds as to whether it would keep me hooked, but I have to concede that I’m now thoroughly enjoying the game. If you love ARPGs and all the character customisation guff that comes with them then Gauntlet is (despite appearances) not really a game for you

RPGamer - 2.5/5

Aside from the lack of story and choice of four character classes, the developer's main attempt for this to feel like a Gauntlet game comes in creating situations where co-op players, most likely strangers on Steam, can annoy and troll.

Escapist Magazine - 3.5/5

Arrowhead made a very true-to-source Gauntlet game, no doubt, but the source is 30 years old, and could use some modern accouterments. Gauntlet is as much fun as it has ever been, but it'll get old fast for those who still remember slogging through the original.

ZTGD - 7/10

Gauntlet isn’t much of a thinking man’s game. Find a class you like and have at it. The Wizard will be the one most people avoid, but even then, with a few other buddies along for the ride, it can be a rather fun time. Single player can get a bit more monotonous, but it is the same for the multiplayer; just having some others to share in the mindless action helps out a lot.

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