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Gothic 1 Remake - Sneak Peak

by Hiddenx, 2023-09-15 18:49:42

Dualshockers checked out Gothic 1 Remake:

We Got A Sneak Peek At The Gothic Remake, And We Like What We Saw

An exclusive sneak peak into the mining colony, with Game Director Reinhard Pollice.

Before the Elder Scrolls series became the all-conquering mainstream RPG that it is today, there was Gothic. Released in 2001, over a year before Morrowind came along, the original Gothic was, arguably, the first great 3D RPG, throwing you into a highly charged prison colony environment. You’d have to choose which faction to align with, each with its own intrigue and politics, which would drastically alter your path through the game, while NPCs had advanced AI behaviours that gave them daily routines and had them reacting dynamically to the things happening around them.

Piss an NPC off? They’d beat you up, knock you out, but usually not kill you, instead going through your pockets and taking what they deemed valuable. You could then track that NPC down to get your stuff back, but beware that the NPC might have friends who’ll come to their defence, sooner or later.

Gothic was a game before its time, overshadowed by its flashier Bethesda-made rival. With later games from developer Piranha Bytes not quite building on the potential showcased in the original or its 2002 sequel, the series faded into something of a niche—known and adored by a small but passionate community. In 2018, Spanish developer Alkimia Interactive (formerly THQ Barcelona) was tasked with remaking this PC classic. The remake’s been in development for over five years, and has gone through a drastic directional change since its ‘Playable Teaser’ came out four years ago.


Thanks Xian!

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