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Guild Wars - Creature Feature @ IGN

by Inauro, 2006-10-11 22:37:00

IGN takes a look at some of the new creatures to be added to ArenaNet's Guild Wars with the upcoming release of all new adventuring areas.


Heket are a nuisance to anyone traveling across Elona. These amphibious creatures thrive near lakes and rivers, but roaming packs can be found in the more distant, desolate, and arid areas of the nation. No matter where they prowl, heket spawn at an alarming rate. From birth, they compete with each other for food, slaughtering smaller and weaker siblings. Once they're strong enough to leave their breeding grounds, they form packs and roam further from home, using those same vicious instincts to prey on unwary travelers. Any adventurer who crosses the path of a pack of heket should be ready to defend their supplies, their food, and their very life. If they aren't stopped, then larger, more vicious heket may be bold enough to attack humans near the gates of outposts and settlements. Human adventurers accept the fact that they must keep the population of heket to a minimum, if only for the sake of survival.

Source: IGN

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