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Guild Wars - Fourth Anniversary

by Woges, 2009-05-05 13:54:59

Guild Wars celebrates four years in service with a feast of interviews.

Today marks our fourth anniversary, and as part of the celebration we're exploring the past, present, and future of Guild Wars with a series of insider interviews!

  • ArenaNet studio head Mike O'Brien shares his thoughts on the origins of Guild Wars and its exciting future in the latest MMOZine and in this interview on IGN.

  • Guild Wars Lead Designer James Phinney chats with the folks at ZAM about the fourth anniversary, the lasting appeal of Guild Wars, and how the game has evolved over the past four years.

  • Over at GameZone, Community Manager Regina Buenaobra reflects on the anniversary and the role of the Guild Wars community in the game's continued success.

  • System Designer Curtis Johnson gives OMG RPG his thoughts about the past four years and the big anniversary celebration.

Don't miss any of this special coverage as Guild Wars observes its greatest anniversary celebration yet!

Continuing with our anniversary celebrations, we've got more insider interviews for your reading pleasure!

  • Game Designer Colin Johanson talks with Gamervision about the lasting appeal of Guild Wars, his favorite design experience from the game, and the big anniversary blowout.

  • Game Designer Eric Flannum gives Rock, Paper Shotgun readers a glimpse into his thoughts about Guild Wars and shares some of the high points he's experienced as a designer and a player.

  • System Designer Ben Miller sits down with RPG Fan to talk about what makes Guild Wars stand out among MMOs, as well as the past, present, and future of the game.

  • Community Manager Regina Buenaobra's chat with Talking About Games covers the origins and progression of both Guild Wars and its community.

  • Community Manager Martin Kerstein shares his thoughts about the evolution of Guild Wars over the past four years in this Gameplay Monthly interview.

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