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Guild WArs: Guild of the Week @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-08-01 23:14:00
This week's Guild Wars Guild of the Week is Sinster Swarm.
With six years as a group, Sinister Swarm [Sin] is one of the longest-lived guilds in Guild Wars. A core group of Sin's players have upheld the guild through several games, including Dark Age of Camelot and Everquest.

After hearing about Guild Wars at E3 in 2004, the leaders of Sinister Swarm decided the idea of a fast-paced game with tournament play appealed to them. They yearned for a game that addressed the problems they saw in other MMORPGs. With the release of Guild Wars Prophecies, the GW Swarm was born. The guild adopted GvG play with a passion and has held its own on the ladder ever since. Although its all-time record is rank 89, Swarm won't rest until it's number 1.
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