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Guild Wars: Nightfall Info @ GWOnline

by Inauro, 2006-07-25 22:58:00
The good folk at GWOnline managed to track down NCSoft's Keith Quinn at ComicCon and gather a few details about Nightfall, the next installment in the Guild Wars saga.<blockquote><em>Although commonly referred to only as Guild Wars, the first Guild Wars title was actually called Guild Wars: Prophecies. The second, just out this past April, is called Guild Wars: Factions. The soon to be released episode is called Guild Wars: Nightfall. Although the games use the same game mechanics, play style, interface, and character creation systems, these episodes are huge, and are basically entirely new worlds. The amount of content contained in each campaign is extremely large. The company survives based not on subscription fees, but on box sales. The way GW looks at things, if you like the game youa "!ll continue to buy the expansions/episodes/campaigns. It drives the company to keep the game as interesting and a Ualivea "! as possible.</em></blockquote><a href="" target="_blank">More...</a>
Source: GWOnline

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