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Guild Wars - Plans for 2009

by Myrthos, 2009-01-15 23:27:14

The Guild Wars Live team has made an announcement on the Guild Wars site about their plans for 2009. In april they plan to release a content update with some new stuff for players:

The Live Team is now designing the first big content update of 2009, which we expect to release in April. We had many discussions towards the end of last year and ended up with a major wish list and a plan for what it would take to make that list a reality. At this point, we have a clear idea of what is ahead of us and we hope everyone will be as excited about these prospects as we are.

Here are a few features we are currently developing for April:

  • Increases to account-based storage
  • Improvements to character-based storage
  • Account-based changes to the Hall of Monuments


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