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Guild Wars - The Scribe #20 @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-10-19 23:56:09

Issue #20 of The Scribe is online at the official Guild Wars site.  Here's a snippet:

Many prophets, seers, and oracles sense a sinister presence looming on the Horizon. No, I am not referring to the ominous force that was felt during the Sunspear training event some weeks ago, but rather a more mischievous, humorous, and—perhaps to some—familiar villain.

I am, of course, referring to the maniacally insane, and yet surprisingly social, Mad King Thorn of Tyria. This madman gained his notoriety for atrocious deeds while amongst the living, but has since earned a more amusing reputation in death, after visiting Lion's Arch and Droknar's Forge during last year's Halloween season. Spewing jokes that make the citizenry groan with more vigor than the souls of his tortured victims and playing games that exploit the mortality of his audience are just two of his favorite pastimes.



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