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Guild Wars: Updates @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-06-06 02:43:00
The official Guild Wars site is sporting a new State of the Game article and three new GWFC Season Two Playoffs movies. Here's a snippet from the SotG article:
With Guild Wars Factions now five weeks old and the third season of the Guild Wars Factions Championship underway, let's look at some of the new character builds in rotation and how they impact the game.

Used by: I Black Widow I [Wi] in game one against The Last Pride [EvIL]

* Golden Phoenix Strike (Dagger Mastery)
* Shock (Air Magic)
* Falling Spider (Dagger Mastery)
* Twisting Fangs (Critical Strikes)
* Shadow Refuge (Shadow Arts)
* Dark Escape (Shadow Arts)
* Caltrops (Shadow Arts)
* Aura of Displacement [Elite] (Assassin No Attribute)
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