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Guild Wars - State of the Game @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-11-13 21:39:16

The latest State of the Game article at the official Guild Wars site takes a closer look at the impact of Dervishes and Paragons following the release of Nightfall.

While no longer enjoying the imbalanced power levels from the first Nightfall preview event, Dervishes still pack a good offensive punch or occupy more of a utility role for the team. In addition, some guilds have experimented with using Dervish as a secondary profession.

In a purely offensive role, Dervishes have the ability to clear out a crowd. With the ability of the scythe to hit up to three adjacent foes combined with the area damage of Dervish Enchantments, Dervishes make a powerful frontline ally. Skills like Wounding Strike and Crippling Sweep give the Dervish options to deal damage and apply Conditions to multiple enemies simultaneously. Furthermore, a Dervish's scythe has a higher maximum damage than any other weapon in the game.


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