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Harvestella - Review @ Gamerbraves

by Hiddenx, 2022-11-21 15:47:37

Gamerbraves reviewed Harvestella:

Harvestella Review: A Stellar Casual Farming Game

Harvestella is a unique title. Being a farming game with a twist of adding in JRPG elements, which can be compared to the Rune Factory seires. Developed by Live Wire Inc and published by Squre Enix, I dove in head first into the world of Harvestella, and I thoroughly enjoyed  it.

Harvestella starts off with your usual case of the JRPG trope, meaning that the main character has amnesia. The story progresses where you and your party members need to get to the bottom of the phenomenon known as the Quietus, a one day season where the air is filled with deadly dust, and that all living things that come into contact with will die. Except you of course.


All in all, I enjoyed my time playing through Harvestella, the combat while lacking depth offers a nice gameplay loop with distinct Jobs and playstyles which is perfect for those who look for a more casual time.

But those who look for a purely farming game wouldn’t particularly enjoy Harvestella since it’s pretty simplified and honestly you’re spending your time mostly fighting off monsters and exploring dungeons rather than tending your crops. But I still find the farming satisfying regardless of its simplicity.

Though my main gripe with the game is how fast the time passes for each in-game day. It feels like your main currency in the game is time and how you spend it. It can get rather frustrating at certain times where you’re just a few steps away from reaching a certain checkpoint in a dungeon only for you to get booted back home.

But despite all of that, Harvestella is a noteworthy title for fans to pick up if they’re looking for a casual game with beautiful art direction and unique twists to the farming genre.

Score: 8/10

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