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Horizon Zero Dawn - Review @ LaptopMag

by Hiddenx, 2020-08-13 17:54:13

LaptopMag checked out the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn:

Horizon Zero Dawn review: This is how it runs on PC

Classic case of a great game with a bad port

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC is an excellent disaster. It boasts one of the most obnoxious PC ports I’ve had the experience of testing. This game is a perfect storm of hurdles, with half a dozen crashes, frequent stuttering on certain hardware, an awful optimization process that I experienced three times, and a day-one patch that only made things worse.

Despite all of that, Horizon is still a phenomenal game. If you missed Guerilla’s critically acclaimed RPG back in 2017 and have strong enough hardware to handle the poorly optimized mess that is this PC port, I would still recommend picking it up on a very deep sale. Charging $49.99 for a port with this many issues is ridiculous, especially since the original Complete Edition is available on PS4 for $19.99. 

If you’re rocking mid-tier hardware like a GTX 970 or 1660, there is absolutely no reason to purchase this game on PC rather than PS4. Trust me, you’ll find the experience to be unbearable.


Score: 3.5/5

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