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Jagged Alliance 3 - Patch Roadmap

by Hiddenx, 2023-09-16 06:15:38

Bjohn045 spotted devdiary 16 for Jagged Alliance 3 - the patch roadmap:

DevDiary 16 - Patch Roadmap

Patch Roadmap
Hello, everyone! I am Boian Spasov, creative director of Jagged Alliance 3, and today I want to share with you a roadmap of our current plans for future free updates.

Release day came and went and it was awesome, but our work on Jagged Alliance continues and our team remains committed to supporting the game post-release. We’ve received so much feedback that it took us quite a while to go through everything and solidify our plans, but now we are finally ready to share them with you. This roadmap includes improvements suggested by the community and some of our own previously unrealized ideas as well.

We aim to release one patch per month, but with the usual disclaimers that plans may change down the road and we are also keeping a few surprises in our sleeves. So let’s get into specifics…

Update 1.2 - Codename: Buns (Combat Quality of Life)
The first upcoming patch will encompass various changes related to the combat aspect of the game – offering additional information in the UI, improving and deepening the bullet simulation and even providing the option to play through massive combats at a faster pace. Since this patch is close on the horizon, I can provide some of the highlights as well:

  • Inaccurate attacks may hit other body parts of the targets incidentally
  • Number of remaining Overwatch attacks is clearly indicated in-view
  • Ability to salvage knives and other items that were previously unsalvageable
  • Toggle button for faster enemy and ally turns
  • Ricochet bullets able to hit and cause collateral damage
  • Various improvements to melee animations

Update 1.3 - Codename: Vicki (Bobby Ray’s Guns and Things)
As Jagged Alliance veterans know very well, “Bobby Ray’s Guns and Things” is the finest, and quite possibly, the only online store for merc gear.

No other feature from Jagged Alliance 2 was requested as much from our community as this one! We miss Bobby Ray as well and we are glad to oblige and expand his services with delivery to Grand Chien! will allow you to purchase new and used armor, weapons and ammo and ultimately to gear up your mercs just the way you want to, as long as you can afford it!

Update 1.4 - Codename: Wolf (Sat View Quality of Life)

The next update focuses on improvements in the Sat View. It will enhance the Sector stash and the Conflict Screen interfaces. Both of these screens are currently somewhat confusing and we are looking into ways of organizing the information there in a more convenient way.

As part of this update we will enhance and rebalance some of the Sat View operations, such as Scouting. Finally, we are going to offer a way for solitary mercs to improve their stats by practicing without a trainer.

Update 1.5 - Codename: Larry (Modding Maps and Campaigns)

As we’ve talked before, our second modding update will offer powerful tools such as map and quest editors. The map editor will allow modifying existing maps by adding new objects and quests or creating entirely new maps from scratch. These maps can be added seamlessly into the existing game campaign or used to create an entirely new custom campaign, complete with new quests, NPCs, dialogues and interactions.

This will open the door for modding projects of massive scope such as recreating the old Jagged Alliance games in Jagged Alliance 3!

And there is more to come!
Stay tuned for more updates to be announced at a later date.

Thank you!

In conclusion, I want to take the community for their passion for the game – this roadmap is based in large part on community suggestions and we will keep incorporating such suggestions in our plans for the future, as well as marking them clearly in our patch notes. If you have your own suggestion for improving the game, don’t hesitate to share it with us either here, or in Discord – it may even see the light of day in one of the upcoming updates described above!


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