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Legends of Ellaria - Version 0.5.29

by Myrthos, 2016-05-12 22:31:00

Version 0.5.29 is out for Legends of Ellaria, which brings the game closer to Early Access.

After some hard work and a complete overhaul of the game mechanics, we finished the next step towards the Early Access.

Our new version includes the following changes:

  • New and improved graphics
  • A new map Day / Night cycle and weather effects
  • A new player controller, including a combat system and a new movement system
  • Unarmed combat
  • Special combat moves
  • A new archery system
  • Magic shield for mage class
  • Dodge and stamina based blocks
  • A new combat AI
  • A Login system
  • Faster gameplay
  • Automatic updates system and version controller
  • A complete engine overhaul, allowing more things to be added to LoE

Known issues:

  • When zoomed out, the character can’t enter houses 
  • LoE has freezes and cpu loads from time to time 
  • City life and citizen AI needs improvements 

Since we finished our new game engine, we can expect more features in less time. We’re now planning to release the next version in two weeks. 

Our next planned features are: 

  • Barracks and soldier recruitment 
  • Blacksmith, tavern and special buildings have menus and serve a purpose 
  • The goblins and other creatures has strongholds, and you’ll need to invade them or defend your city 

Later versions will include quests, more maps, and a kingdom management, as well as the beginning of the main story. This also means that we’re starting to design the living weapon, special followers and special events in the near future.

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