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Lords of the Fallen - Character Customization

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-01 03:11:37

OnlySP has new information about character customization for Lords of the Fallen.

In a recent entry on the Playstation Blog, creative director Tomasz Gop took to the comments section to answer a few burning questions by readers.

One of the questions a user asked was in relation to character customization. In the game, Harkyn is the sole main character whose personal appearance will not be able to be changed. The way you customize him as a warrior however is up to you. Gop explains that, “The name, face, body and gender of our main character is set. We had to make a decision here because of storyline, and credibility – we want to make it believable that Harkyn could actually wield all these weapons, wear all this armor, use that powerful magic, etc. It really had to be him.”

In regards to how many weapons and pieces of armor in the game there will be, the Twitter account for Lords of the Fallen simply says there will be “a lot”. As you could see in the most recent gameplay trailer for the game that was released, there was plenty of variability in the character’s look and loadout so I wouldn’t be too worried about customization.

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