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Lords of the Fallen - E3 Preview

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-12 00:02:08

It seems Lords of the Fallen was at E3 but none of the big sites reported on it. So instead I have a rough translated article from a polish site called GameZilla.PL.

Eight thousand years ago there was a war between humans and God, and his army. People won over the years have forgotten what actually happened. And now suddenly this army returns. What is it?

The main character does not know, but I will fight. This means the player will fight, with a choice of three classes - Warrior, Cleric, with a powerful, but very slow weapon and Rogue - fast but weak.

Class distinction between so-called. action skills. So, for example, Rogue can disappear for a while. Warrior is a sort of berserk, but can not at this time to defend. Cleric creates while his clone, who aggruje. Leveling is used to unlock the skills that make up the whole tree - that differentiates the game of Dark Souls. Action skills are also a way for developers to facilitate the game. Aha - equipment can be freely chosen form, regardless of class.

Hero talks, dialogues are (your choice there were two options), so there will be so that we know the story just by reading or listening to descriptions of items monologues haunted NPCs, as in Dark Souls. You must also read the scattered notes, for instance to find out that to get a unique weapon you should look at one of the three statues. During the game there will be a few renders - but they will be enough. This what I've seen they look cool climate and make an impression.

Overall - I can not compare this game to Dark Souls, but stands out skillami action or even dialogue - but this is not a defect. Lords of the Fallen looks very solid (although not shocking graphics) as you like challenging titles, one-on-one battle lasting several minutes and generally broad challenge to be happy. I'm waiting!

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