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Lords of the Fallen - E3 Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-14 05:23:49

Here are a bunch of new previews for Lords of the Fallen from E3. As you can see from the previews the game is definitely a Dark Souls clone.

Game Guide

While it's hard to separate Lords of the Fallen from the game that so obviously influenced it, CI Games is promising a much more robust story than Dark Souls ever offered. One thing is obvious- it's a really beautiful and polished experience, exactly how you'd want a next-gen title to look.


Dark Souls is simply inescapable when playing Lords of the Fallen. The combat here is swifter thanks to its weapons, but simultaneously slower since there's no devoted dodge. Even with those differences, it still feels as intentional as Souls'. And just like in that game, you regain lost experience when you return to a spot where you were killed last. Fallen distinguished itself at E3 2013, but in 2014 it simply can't get out from under Souls until it's actually out in the wild or playable in a more substantial setting.


I’m trying not to compare it so much to Dark Souls and instead view at it as its own separate game, but the similarities are all there and rampant. In that case, the experience is just not quite as satisfying at the moment, but it still offers more than your average clone. Fans of the Souls series who may want to take a break from the incessant and punishing difficulty may want to give Lords of the Fallen a try when it releases sometime later this year.

US Gamer

The team at Deck 13 have built a well-executed Souls clone. It's not a new idea, but they've provided their own spin on it. While other developers say they're inspired by the Souls series, Lords of the Fallen is probably the closest I've seen a developer get to From Software's cult classics. Relying on a single developer means fans have to wait between releases, but if more Soulslikes appear, the months waiting for the king to return won't seem as bad. It's about expanding the genre outwards so fans aren't straved for something to play; if there can be tons of third-person open-world games and roguelikes, why not Soulslikes? So if Bloodborne is high on your E3 radar, spend some time looking at Lords of the Fallen; you might just find your next game

Front Towards Gamer

Lords of the Fallen feels just new and different enough to be fresh.  The unforgiving action RPG is a genre that I can’t seem to get enough of, and Lords of the Fallen has already left me wanting more.  I’m interested to see what a more story-involved approach does for the game.

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