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Lords of the Fallen - Free Soundtrack for Buyers

by Couchpotato, 2015-01-11 01:22:40

IncGamers has information CI Games has included the games soundtrack for free to all buyer in a new update on Steam. Here are the details straight form the site.

CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen has received a large update today, which… appears to add the game’s soundtrack as an extra.

The 500MB update currently has no associated patch notes or press release that I can find, but a bit of ferreting around in the directory indicates that it’s probably the addition of a digital soundtrack. I’m not certain about this, but if it turns out I’m horribly wrong, I’ll amend the story.

PC users already have the “Digital Deluxe” edition (because it’s the only one available, as far as I can see) containing the game, a digital map, and a digital artbook, but the large download on offer today adds in a /Soundtrack/ directory which holds 15 .wav files.

This might not be the patch a lot of you were waiting for (especially as a few people are apparently having serious issues with Lords of the Fallen, which our own Peter Parrish thought was rather good) but it’s a nice little gesture while the devs beaver away at the next lot of fixes.

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