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Lords of the Fallen - Hands-On @ Dual Pixels

by Couchpotato, 2014-09-02 05:40:07

Dual Pixels is the next site to have a preview from Pax Prime 2014 this time based on a demo of Lords of the Fallen based on two different opinions.

Jose: The preview build’s difficulty seemed very high, but it made the experience even better because the difficulty didn’t come from the fact that the enemies were health sponges but you had to strategize how you would approach every encounter. It seemed like the game was asking you: “hey you want to be a show off, well lets see you show off dodging skills.”

Eliot: In the demo I played I only encountered two different types of enemies, a scrawny member of the undead and a larger miniboss. As I mentioned, I was stuck in pretty tight confines throughout the demo, so strategy was reduced to dodging backwards in between the enemy’s swings. There was some relief from the linearity  when I entered a courtyard and met that gnarly looking miniboss only to see him plunge through a wooden grating covering a bottomless well.

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