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Lords of the Fallen - Interview @ Examiner

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-26 05:33:38

The Examiner had a chance to nterview Bandai Namco Games Community Manager Joseph Kartje about the upcoming ARPG game Lords of the Fallen.

Ex: Explain to us a little more about the combat.

JK: The gameplay is, there’s a lot of corridors, the main area is a monastery, so you’re kind of in doors. The gameplay is very focused on one on one encounters. You’re not going to come across 100 enemies; however, every enemy is a danger, and you have to calculate, ‘how am I going to attack this? Should I be blocking or should I just go right for it? What kind of weapon am I using? Do I use my magic? The gameplay is very, I don’t want to say slow, but there is a strategic level to it.

Ex: Earlier you said there was a customization aspect to the game?

JK: Yes. So you could pick one of the classes at the beginning. You’ll be able to level up and get new stats and spells throughout the game, and you’ll be able to pick up new weapons, new armor, and kind of customize your guy and decide how you want to play, whether you want to be quick, whether you want to be magic focused, or whether you want heavy armor and a big two-handed weapon, that’s completely up to the player.

Ex: Is there a linear storyline, or depending on the class you choose, it kind of takes you on a separate route?

JK: The storyline is pretty focused, it’s pretty straight forward. As an RPG lover myself, one things I love about the genre, is that if you want I play the same game, we might pick different classes, different armor, different weapons, and we’d have a different experience. We would finish the game and have completely different looking characters. And so, I think that adds a layer of replayability. If I finish with a Cleric, I might want to go back and see how the Warrior feels.

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