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Lords of the Fallen - Interview @ Gamereactor

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-16 04:43:53

Gamereactor interviewed Executive Producer Tomasz Gop at E3 last month, and found out how the ARPG game Lords of the Fallen is turning out.

During the interview we discussed how the game is progressing, as well as the roadmap ahead. We also talked about the variety of different weapons that'll be appearing in the game, but before that, Gop explained to us a little bit about the lore behind the game, its mission structure and how the whole thing fits together.

"It's not only [a] dungeon-based game," the executive producer told us.
"Generally we try to mix things up, so you're feeling that sometimes the world opens up, sometimes it narrows down a little bit. What is important it's never like any areas are closed for you. When you find a new area, when you open it up, the whole world gets bigger. You can always get back to the areas where you were before. So it's a mixture. And, like, via the means of the progression of the main story we try to give the players feeling that it's dynamic, you know, the scale of the events changes so you feel that it's not dull, it's not linear."

"There's one main quest that whenever you want you'll be able to track it, you'll know what is going on," he continued. "If you want to make up how to follow the main quest you will be able to do it, the game will tell you how to do this. But all the side-quests, all the optional exploration content, all the collectibles, all the interesting bits and pieces of the lore; these are the ones that will not be shoved down your throat, like put in front of you clearly. If you want to find them you will have means to do so, but these will not be written with a huge font on a huge sheet of paper, you will have to follow that to find these. The main storyline is a different story."

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