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Lords of the Fallen - Interview @ Wired

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-20 04:43:10 interviewed Creative Director Jan Klose to talk about Lords of the Fallen, and discuss why the game is compared to Dark Souls. Contrasts against Dark Souls aside, in your own words, what is Lords of the Fallen?

Jan Klose: Lords of the Fallen is a tactical strategy RPG. It's a medieval fantasy game with combat in a slasher kind of way, both one-on-one and one-on-two combat, as well as some spectacular boss fights. The idea is that you can learn from it, get better and learn your own fighting style.

Do you think the Dark Souls comparisons are fair?

Well, this is a genre with so many games in it right now. Action RPGs aren't new, but Dark Souls really excelled at delivering a perfect action RPG experience -- but also a very tough one! Many players threw their controller out of the window. We've done action RPGs in the past and our publisher had the same idea [about difficulty]. We looked at the market right now, where there's not only Dark Souls but games like Darksiders, which is interesting in a different way. You might see some elements of Zelda but also Tekken or Street Fighter in our duel combats. It's not bad to be compared to one of the best games in the genre. But it's not a copy and we want to stand out.

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