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Lords of the Fallen - New Patch Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-10-30 15:53:05

CI Games shared information on Steam about a new patch for Lords of the Fallen.

Patch1.1 Notes

We would like to announce that the 'Nvidia turbulence' and v-sync options are now available in the advanced in-game video settings with the latest update. Disabling these options will improve the game performance and avoid most of the stability issues.
In order to disable the Nvidia turbulence, please do the following:
1. Launch the game2. Enter advanced settings in options menu
3. Select 'Nvidia turbulence'
4. Switch the option to 'disabled'
5. Apply changes
6. Restart the game

If you are having problems with the options not being saved after restarting the game, please try changing and applying the settings using a gamepad. We are aware of this issue and it is going to be patched ASAP.

There is also a temporary solution for users who cannot disable the Nvidia turbulence because of the in-game settings issue. Please do the following in order to disable the option manually (or instead change the in-game settings using a gamepad):
1. Open the game directory (right click on Lords of the Fallen in steam library, select properties, choose 'local files' tab, press 'browse local files')
2. Run with notepad file settings.ini
3. Find line 'apex_gpu_support_enabled = true'
4. Change the value from 'true' to 'false' (so the line reads 'apex_gpu_support_enabled = false)
5. Save the file
6. Open documents
7. Open Lords of the Fallen folder
8. Repeat steps 2-5

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