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Lords of the Fallen - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-24 04:45:00

Well here is another round of reviews, and interviews for Lords of the Fallen. Lets start with the two video interviews with Executive Producer Tomasz Gop.

GamerHubTV"Lords Of The Fallen Dungeons Revealed"

Developer City Interactive reveals the dungeons and new gameplay details for its action RPG Lords of the Fallen in this exclusive interview from Bandai Namco Games Global Gamers Day in Las Vegas.

CGM- "Interviews Tomasz Gop Executive Producer of Lords of the Fallen"

Find out how this Dark Souls-like came to be and how that description isn't fair of a game that is trying, and apparently succeeding, at carving out it's own piece of that action-RPG pie.

.Next we have a few more prevues from various sites.

Destructoid - "Dropping fools in holes in Lords of the Fallen"

Like Dark Souls, you'll leave a ghost when you die that contains your experience. You can also store experience points you don't want to use yet at save points. Your soul will slowly leak experience as you make your way back to it, though, which could add to the loss even if you're banking regularly.

Gamefront"A Souls-ful Action/RPG"

Lords of the Fallen is showing a lot of promise. It’s borrowing all of the right elements from the Souls series, while infusing them with its own unique touch of arcade-style fun. Be on the lookout for Lords of the Fallen on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime later this year.

Siliconera - "A Bit Of Darksiders, A Bit Of Dark Souls"

Luckily, at Bandai Namco’s Gamers Day event two weeks ago, I met Tomasz Gop, who introduced me to what will surely be my next guilty pleasure—Lords of the Fallen, a new, next-gen IP from CI Games that takes the most basic elements from games like Darksiders and Dark Souls II, and boils them down to an accessible, rewarding formula. Actually, I would describe it as “the weapons of Darksiders in the world of Dark Souls”.

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