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Lords of the Fallen - Preview @ Strategy Informer

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-04 09:07:49

Strategy Informer posted a new preview of the Deck 13's action RPG Lords of the Fallen based on some hands-on game time from a short demo.

Perhaps Lords of the Fallen doesn't have originality on its side then, but judging from the demo session I watched, you'd be foolish to dismiss its beautiful, brutal charms too quickly. It's taking inspiration from the finest sources. There's clearly been a tonne of effort put into the world-building and art design, resulting in a lovely looking game with a very distinct atmosphere. Combat looks like lots of fun, and there's plenty of gribbly enemies to vanquish. It's set for release later in 2014, and if there's room in your life for one more challenging action RPG with a rich world to explore, Lords of the Fallen could be just the ticket.


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