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Lords of the Fallen - UK Tour Dates Announced

by Couchpotato, 2014-10-05 05:24:40

If you live in the UK then the following news-but is for you as Square Enix announces Lords of The Fallen will be going on the road in a UK tour before it's release.

Go hands-on before launch with the Lords of the Fallen UK Tour

Square Enix is pleased to announce Lords of The Fallen will be embarking on a UK tour prior to release on October 31st.

Beginning Monday 6th October in Newcastle, gamers across the country will be able to go hands-on, sampling the epic, challenging combat and rewarding gameplay. Experts will be on hand to guide you through the demo, and advise you on the best tactics, armour, weapons and strategies that make Lords of The Fallen one of the biggest action RPGs of 2014.

Tour Details:
Newcastle – 6th October
Northumberland Arms
Prudhoe Chare
Northumberland St / Eldon Square
Newcastle upon Tyne

Manchester – 7th October
13 Quay Street
M3 3HN

Liverpool – 8th October
Walkabout Beach House
Concert Square
26 Fleet Street
L1 4AN

Nottingham – 9th October
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Brewhouse Yard
Nottingham England
0115 947 3171

Birmingham – 13th October
Langley Bldg, Regency Wharf
266A-271, Broad Street
B1 2DS

Oxford – 14th October
City Arms
288 Cowley Road

Southampton – 15th October

The Red Lion
55 High St
Southampton SO14 2NS

London 16th October
Temple Station
Temple Place
London WC2R 2PH

The hands-on areas of each venue will welcome fans with a drink at 7.30pm, and close at 10pm, giving you plenty of time with one of the hottest new IPs this year.

In Lords of the Fallen, you are Harkyn, the best of the worst of humanity. A convicted criminal, Harkyn is given a chance for redemption. But just as the rulers of the world get close to finding a way to banish all evil from humans, an army of the long-ago defeated god attacks the human realm. Released from prison, Harkyn and his mentor, Kaslo, set out on a mission to stop the war.

In his journey, Harkyn will forge strong alliances and face even stronger enemies. He will learn the true power of the Rhogar Lords - commanders of god's army. He will even bring the battle to the Rhogar, travelling to the heart of the demonic dimension.

Will the god manage to enslave humans again? Is mankind really able to banish evil? Will Harkyn's sins ever be forgiven?

Lords of the Fallen releases at retail for Xbox one and PlayStation 4 on October 31st at £49.99 and on PC for £29.99

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