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Lords of the Fallen - More Reviews to Read

by Couchpotato, 2015-01-03 02:49:41

Well good weekend everyone and here are two more reviews for Lords of the Fallen.

TruePCGaming - No Score

Lords Of The Fallen is a slightly more accessible Dark Souls style game.  While there is a certain level of difficulty as a result, I consider Lords Of The Fallen to be a good single player focused entry point into the hardcore RPG.  However, it would be nice to see City Interactive provide a helping hand to those still significantly challenged, through the addition of optional DLC such as more potions, or better armor and weapons to help with bosses.

Noobfeed - No score

Game of the Year lists have rolled in and a fair few will have likely mentioned Dark Souls 2 in some sense. It is an easy top ten participant after all. Yet, Lords of the Fallen won’t be given the same credit, despite it essentially being a clone of the former. There’s a reason for that: Lords of the Fallen, the game, isn’t Dark Souls 2, the name. More so, Lords of the Fallen is an improvement on the Souls model and actually makes for a better game. So, if anything, it should be the copycat making its way into many regurgitated lists full of similar titles.

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