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Mechajammer - Gangs of Calitana - Quinton Industries

by Redglyph, 2021-09-20 11:02:38

Whalenought Studios posted an update on the factions in Mechajammer, presenting the Quinton syndicate.

Gangs of Calitana - Quinton Industries

Join us for a regular installment where we check out different factions in the game

Calitana is technically a free market, and in theory, any enterprising gang can become a major player in the economy of the city, but Quinton Industries has a large force of well-armed thugs that are very persuasive.

Quinton, the most profitable syndicate on the colony city of Calitana, runs the western half of the main city grid and is the number one exporter of technological goods, wetware, vehicles and computational drives within the city. They’re number one not because they’re the best, in fact, their goods are often referred to as “single-use” due to their shoddy quality, but because they have completely destroyed any whiff of competition.

In the Ci-War, a war between Earth and its colony planets that's been running so long no one accurately remembers when it began, Quinton Industries plays an essential role in equipping armies and rakes in an oversize profit from the continuous fighting.

Quinton was one of the original founding syndicates of the city of Calitana. The petty thieves of the city insist that in the early days of the colony, the syndicate sought and collected numerous alien artifacts of staggering value, but the origin of these rumors are unknown, and if one of these artifacts has found its way to the dubious dealings of the black market, it has gone unremarked.

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