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Mechajammer - Patch 1.01

by Redglyph, 2021-12-06 19:09:51

Whalenought Studios and Modern Wolf released the promised patch for Mechajammer on Steam & GOG.

Mechajammer | V1.01 Patch Notes

Bug fixes, balance updates, and other improvements in the new 1.01 Update.

Hot on the heels of Friday’s hotfix (and a look at the Road Ahead in terms of upcoming updates), today we’re rolling out V1.01 of Mechajammer, bringing with it a big ol’ list of fixes and improvements to the game.

Many of these issues have been surfaced (and subsequently fixed!) off the back of your reports and suggestions, so a hefty thank you to those of you taking the time share feedback. Below the patch notes, you’ll see names from key members of the community who have helped us with this endeavour. We hope you enjoy basking in the limelight of the Patch Notes as a reward.

Ok! Here’s what you can expect from 1.01:


For bug reporting and other Mechajammer-flavoured discussion, please head to the official Discord server.

Once again, huge thanks to everybody who has picked up the game and shared feedback. We're very grateful to the Mechajammer community, and will have more in the way of updates for you very soon...

- Whalenought Studios & Modern Wolf

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