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Mechajammer - Patch 1.07

by Redglyph, 2022-01-27 17:02:40

Mechajammer received a new patch.

Mechajammer | V1.07 Patch Notes

Keyboard re-binding has entered the building! (Tap, tap, tap)

The January segment of our Post Launch Roadmap is nearing its end!

We've been cramming the v1.07 patch full of updates and are now well on the path to 1.1. Highlights from this update include keyboard re-binding, achievements and improvements to the tutorial (we heard you and we've shortened it, too).

(Quick Note: all achievements work as intended apart from one involving a gang of hackers. There’s currently a bug with their spawn node and it will be corrected in v1.08!)

Here is the full v1.07 change-list:


For bug-reporting and other Mechajammer-flavoured discussion, please head to the official Discord server.

We're looking forward to seeing what you think of the v1.07 patch and we're already hard at work on v1.08!

Thank you all for your comments and support, until next time,

— Whalenought Studios & Modern Wolf

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