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Copper Dreams - Preview Video

by Hiddenx, 2016-02-27 08:46:41

Whalenought Studios released a preview video for their next game Copper Dreams:

We’re very excited to share a preview video for Copper Dreams showcasing some setting and gameplay details! While this used our tech demonstration assets you can get a glimpse at where we’re headed in that brave new world of 3d, as well as some mechanics.

We have another post in the works detailing the Health and Resting system which enables a lot of the systems happening in the game, and is the foundation of the Burning Candle ruleset. We also will be having some news for the Serpent in the Staglands expansion, so stay tuned for that.


Alpha preview of the setting for Copper Dreams, a cyberpunk, cybertactical party-based crpg in development for PC, Mac and Linux!

Kickstarter and demo information coming soon. Be sure to check out our musings page for more updates detailing the ruleset and mechanics behind the game!

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SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Modern
Genre: Tactical RPG
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