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Copper Dreams - Kickstarter Update

by Hiddenx, 2016-05-14 08:36:41

After just one day on Kickstarter Copper Dreams is 40% funded - and more boxed collector editions are available now:

Thank You + Reward Info + More Boxes!

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting us and making our first day back on Kickstarter a fantastic one! We're so excited to be 35% funded after one day! You guys are incredible, and your interest in Copper Dreams means so much to us. We're very excited to start showing you more throughout the campaign.

The next update will go over combat in detail with a video walkthrough, so stay tuned for that!

More Boxed Editions

We've had many requests about including more Boxed Collector's Editions. We initially based these numbers around our Serpent ones, but we'll happily increase the amount of Boxed Collector's Editions. We're going to have to hole up somewhere like a monk with some ale and sew all those books. We've added 15 more, so if you're interested, those will be available shortly following this update.

The Code Tapes

A few folks have had questions about these. The code tapes are only mentioned in the rewards section (we changed the name from code dial so it wasn't mistaken for a DOS copy protection system), but we think it's pretty neat, so we wanted to share a little more about it and explain what they are. Inspired by WWII era one-time-tape code machines, these code tapes involve an in game GUI of a cypher strip you can drag over a key, opened by any computer wired into a syndicate's main frame terminal. It's basically a key and a cipher, and when set one atop the other, they reveal a message. The decoded message is automatically listed below the terminal.

So if you knew the code was meant for line 16, you'd just drag it over it.

These are used in game with the help of some overlapping GUIs, but we thought it would be fun to give you a physical cipher with your handbook that matches a secret digital key strip that exists in Calitana. There will be a scaler involved so that you can get it just right for whatever your resolution is. This will also include a plain text code so you can decipher it.

The physical code tapes will be placed inside the agent handbooks with the $75+ tiers, as well as a printable version for everyone else getting a digital version of the book.

Interactive Map Executable

We've also had some questions on this reward for $35+ tiers. The Interactive Map Executable is a file your syndicate gives you alongside the handbook to help you in your job as an Agent of Asset Inquiries in Calitana. This will be packaged with the art book contents of your reward, as a separate application when you receive your digital copy of the game. Inside contains interactive maps of many of the areas you might be exploring with notes and helpful information from your syndicate, including information such as sources of energy for recharging weapons and cybernetics, buildings that are easy to radio from, and names of allies and merchants that work with your syndicate.

This can all be found in-game, but this is the equivalent of what your field operators see and is a fun look at the game in a different perspective. Since your syndicate is not omnipotent, this information reflects their knowledge of Calitana, and is only as much information as they would give someone on your starting pay grade. It also importantly gives you a good amount of history on certain locations as well.


We've discussed the physical handbooks ($75+) in detail on the Kickstarter page, but for those of you that have backed at that tier, we thought you might like to see us branding one in action. The wood takes to the brand well, even with the cabernet/blood colored stain. Some of early efforts with different types of wood turned out quite poorly, resulting in non-Syndicate worthy brands, but we're really happy with how this final one turned out. Wolffz Bay Shipping and Services Approved.

Thanks again for all your support! We're so excited to have you all on board with Copper Dreams!

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