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Copper Dreams - Funded!

by Silver, 2016-06-10 03:17:03

With over 40 hours remaining Copper Dreams has been funded. Whalenought are in the process of setting up paypal for post kickstarter funding. There has also been a new tier opened up for those super interested in physical collectibles known as the Mega Box, the latest update has details on this and miniatures as well.

The Mega Box Tier

Throughout the campaign we had some requests to have larger tiers, or tiers that include a compilation of all the rewards. We have to be careful with how much we can actually do with physical rewards, of course, that's time out of our two-person team. However we could easily oblige providing more exclusives that are simply coming from other tiers or making the game.

Thus we wanted to create a mega box tier here at the end of all things. A few of you have so graciously donated beyond the highest tier, and anyone who has will be receiving this upgraded tier regardless if they change their pledge.

The Mega Box Tier will firstly come in a larger box to house the collector's edition box. We have a few companies we're looking at for these, but we have some custom options that should look great!

Secondly, it will include all of the miniatures we're having available in the game. The Miniature+ tiers can choose any one to be packaged with their rewards!

Thirdly, the Mega Box will also include a signed and wax sealed frame from the introduction animation of the game and a physical copy of the storyboard. We're making a short frame-by-frame intro animation to help set a nice tone to invite players into the crazy world they are about to wake up to. There's something magical about a good frame-by-frame, and we wanted to start including these in the game.

While this won't be a cell image or anything (we're not that old-school), it will be a great frame from one of the scenes.

Finally, the proud owners of the Mega Box will have the option of choosing a Serpent in the Staglands Handbook, or the soon to be created Banquet for Fools Handbook, as well as a copy of Serpent in the Staglands.

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